Selected Presentations

“Using on-ground and online approaches to diversity to improve leadership instruction” and “A collaborative approach to the preparation of teachers and leaders.”

Roundtables co-presented with Peg Winkelman.

National Council for Professors of Educational Administration, New Jersey, August 2013

“Everyday Teacher Leadership” and “Future of the Ed.D.” Keynote speaker for the Education Doctoral program at Hamline University, St. Paul, MN, March 14 and 15, 2013.

“Teachers Leverage Resources from the Classroom Out.” Learning Forward, Boston, MA, December, 2012.

“Faculty development and the brave, not so new world of online teaching and learning.” With Dannelle Stevens. Critical conversation presented at the University Council for Educational Administration, Denver, CO, November, 2012.

“Fostering actionable theory in the research and leadership development of doctoral candidates.” With Ginny Lee & Peg Winkelman. Symposium University Council for Educational Administration, Pittsburgh, PA, November, 2011.

“Supporting applied research for the public good: using Qualifying Exams to focus doctoral research.” With Peg Winkelman.

“Educational leadership students examine After-School activities: Surprising findings.” With Peg Winkelman.

National Council of Professors of Educational Administration, Portland, OR, August, 2011.

“Teacher leadership from the classroom to the boardroom.” Roundtable presented at the New Zealand Association of Research in Education. Auckland, New Zealand, December, 2010.

“Using diversity to improve instruction in the college classroom.” With Peg Winkelman. Workshop presented at the 13
th Annual 13th CSU Symposium for University Teaching, CSU San Bernardino, April, 2010, San Bernardino, CA.

“Principal’s Institute.” Led week-long residential institute for principals from Catholic Schools, May 11-16, 2009, Alphonso, Cavite, Philippines.